God answers prayers, and Liberty was part of our answer!

June 28th, 2012...our fourth year of marriage, both from very expensive divorces. I had been a very successful financial advisor my entire career. My wife had been a mother, and realtor. We both were living under tremendous strains from divorce costs, integrating families and were still feeling the affects of 2008's financial crisis.

I was in the office alone one morning, it was quiet and I was praying for guidance, direction and a new path for my wife and I. While I was praying, my computer email indicator pinged. I finished my prayer, and began my work day. I opened my email, and the email that was sitting there was a marketing email from Liberty about tax franchises.

Purely happenstance? Maybe. If you are a believer, and my wife and I both are, you have to believe it was more than coincidence. But I didn't listen. I went right on pursuing my day. Over the weekend, I did some more research. I discussed it with my wife, and she was adamantly against it. As many great relationships are, she and I are different on the risk-taking front. Ultimately, we pursued via the email.

We met Kendra Williams. She set us up for a visit at Liberty Tax® in Virginia Beach. There we went thru the introduction and first met John Hewitt. At that time, we found out that the two towns I operated in both had offices that were for sale and had a fairly significant stream of income already… another answer to prayers.

We were working to take on a partner, but he backed away. We felt we had already agreed on price and were committed to becoming a Liberty Franchisee. We finished our first year with our offices up over 25% and made Top Gun. We knew we were in the right place.

What a new life that opened up for us. We have met some wonderful people. Scott & Christy Curtis, the AD in our southern region, Ryan & Tiffany Dodson in our northern region, have become great friends, partners and helpful Area Developers. David & Jamie Schuck, Elite 18 members have become friends and mentors. Our world has opened up.

The great thing about Liberty Tax® is that you can come with financial stresses and find financing which can allow you to begin rebuilding your financial life, where otherwise you could not have. Again we were out of divorces, very expensive divorces. Credit was tight, capital was not available. John Hewitt looks out and sees people willing to work hard and follow the Liberty motto of: Set the Standard, Improve Each Day and Have Some Fun.

Today we have 7 offices, should do close to 4,000 tax returns in year 2015, and see a bright and shining retirement business that we are building fast! We intend to focus on the 2020 vision and have 15 offices by 2020 with 15,000 tax returns. Our prayer for direction was answered!