authorImage-AngelaDrye-c68f436b-af61-47f1-8d26-50395fd9909c.jpgI started with LTS 4 years ago as a marketer, and today I'm the Community Outreach Coordinator for Chris Landis. This past summer, I put together an event/yardsale to help raise funds for our backpack drive that was held Aug 11 at 2 locations and the 18th for 2 other locations.
We were able to raise $2000 in funds and many supplies from other companies. We we packed 1000 bags and were able to give them all away.

We have a Christmas giveaway coming up in Dec. which my goal will be to give away 800-1000 dinners, compared to last years 420.

I do my very best to go above and beyond what is asked of me, spending many volunteer hours on my goals that I set for myself.

I love what I do and only want the best for whom I work.