Carl Taylor post photo 8897794d-14d0-4f49-bc19-bafdf5f8504cLast year we worked with a new client, they were all new to me. This client had a couple of years worth of returns and we were able to get them processed and get a very favorable result for the couple. They returned this year and I assigned them to one of my returning preparers. In the process of filling out the return, one of the numbers on the Client Information Sheet could be interpreted as either a "4" or a "7". We treated it as a 4, and the refund ended up going to the wrong bank account. The client called me and was understandably furious. I was able to get him to calm down as I gathered information on the bank. After a couple of conversations with the bank, we were able to determine that the account it was sent to was not a valid account and the state refund was sent back to the state. The bank then agreed to watch for the Federal refund to redirect it to the correct account. In the meantime, I discovered that the client was waiting for the state refund to purchase a new refrigerator, since theirs had stopped working about 4 days earlier. I wrote a check for them for the amount of the state refund. They were able to replace the refrigerator and repay me with the state refund when the paper check arrived. They made me promise that next year only I work on their return.