We have a client (Ty Bailey) who came in here this year and was very happy with our service. When it came time to get his direct deposit refund through the River City Bank, it was found out that he gave us the wrong account number for his refund. What happened was his grandmother read him the account number along with the check number for his direct deposit through our bank. So when we called him up and let him know his direct deposit should be in his account, it was not there due to the wrong account number given.

He did not blame us, but it put him in a bad situation since he was about to be kicked out of his mobile home by the landlord. We talked to support to see what we could do to help him out. We got the trace numbers for the 2 deposits so that we could have those deposits reject and get him the refund.

Well, Chase Bank helped out a bit here since that was his bank and they were able to use that tracer number and redirect the big federal deposit of over $5000 into his account that day, saving Ty from being thrown out of his mobile home that night. The next day, we got his state check and I have never seen a more happier or fanatical customer thanking us for going the extra mile in helping him get his refund that he desperately needed that day.

He has since brought us a couple of customers and continues to try to find more people to bring to our location from the help we gave him. Sometimes you find out yourselves how much farther you can help a customer and expand your business by going the extra mile.