The whole process of liberty has been exciting. From the training, to the staff.

I was fortunate to meet the CEO and founder of Liberty Tax® Mr. John Hewitt and what an inspirational person he is. I've been in the insurance industry for 18 years and I haven't seen much change.

When my cousin after joining Liberty has not been struggling in her finances and she is on her way to buy a house soon, I questioned to myself I must be doing the wrong thing. So, I decided to join this journey to a much more successful career.

This will be my first year but I'm sure it'll be a roller coster but with the great supporting staff i'm sure it'll be a success. I hopes in life is to be successful to continue supprting my family and those in need. Thank You Liberty for this great opportunity to be as successful as this franchise you've created and go liberty, go Liberty, go Liberty.

Sincerly, Syndia Baligh