I was talking with a 10+yr Zee (franchisee) tonight. Friendly conversation, catching up.

She started talking about her performance this year and stated, “Prior to this year, if I saw another Zee with my current year performance I would think to myself they are a “Loser.” How can you not reach 600 returns?” She is struggling with paying some bills, but she refuses to grovel for help.

Well, she was at the lowest of the low last week and already thinking about giving one of her 3 stores back because she doesn’t know how she will ever turn it around. She was comforted by a reliable source to wait until the end of tax season.

That same day she went on a military base and was in line waiting to check out and she noticed a gentleman. She remembered his face, but not how she knew him. He then of course said to her, “Do you remember me?” The light bulb went off and she reached out, touched him arm and said, “Of course, you filed with Liberty Tax® @ _____ this year! Did you find out the sex of your baby?” He paused, smiled and said, “Not yet, we find out March 19th!

The Zee then said to me, “This is why I do this! This is why I will not grovel for help! We make a difference in so many people lives and that’s what picks me up.”

I haven’t stopped thinking about this since I heard it tonight and not that I can make a difference in her debt or pay her rent, but I do want to continue to create Happy Successful Zees in order for our Zees to continue to provide excellent customer service!

I know sometimes I think more with my heart, but after 7 years with Liberty, these are the stories that touch me and help me get up every day! :)