Either what I read in periodicals functions as topical information or it guides you to accomplish an impossible task. When I was having coffee at Half-Price Books, I noticed a copy of AARP magazine on the table where I sat in my chair. I glanced thru the publication, noticing a sidebar titled "Additional Ways To Earn Income." Little did I know that within the following week, I would apply and perform as a waver for Liberty Tax Service®s on Oak Mont Road, in Fort Worth, Texas. When Liberty Tax Service®s hired me as a waver, not only did I acquire a third part-time job, I also didn't have to donate plasma at CSL Plasma at La Gran Plaza, in Fort Worth, Texas; furthermore, it gave me ideas on how the company should advertise on television and it provided unique challenges on how to promote challenges, representing the company.

On January 15, 2014 I was walking towards the Dollar General store, on Hulen Street, to buy some dish detergent. I noticed a young woman, dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume, performing on the street. I took this as a sign that I should try to get a third part-time job, with Liberty Tax Service®s. I had a hunch that this might happen, since I wanted extra income. I walked into the office, after noticing the "Help Wanted" sign. I mentioned, to the tax preparer working, that day, that I also worked at Stein Mart Hulen #276, as a Service Associate, and Wendy's #8104, as a Crew Member. I filled out the application, provided the necessary government issued ID cards, and was hired to work afternoons as a waver. Immediately, I crossed the street to tell the managers at Wendy's my good news. Liz, one of managers couldn't believe the news. She asked "Steven, how will you handle three jobs?" I answered "I worked two part-time jobs before I graduated junior college in the late 1980s. I also worked two or three positions, as a supermarket courtesy clerk, a busboy at a retirement village, and floor staff at a movie theatre, for a period of fifteen years. It hurts my arm, to be slinging fryer baskets, after plasma donations. I guess I'm making up for lost time, since I was unemployed for thirty-eight months."

The irony of this existence is that all three positions of employment were within ten to fifteen minutes of walking time from my apartment.

When Liberty Tax Service®s hired me as a waver, it gave me ideas on how the company should advertise itself on television. Every other time I turned on the television, I noticed Jackson Hewitt, H.R. Block or some other tax office advertising its services. The only time Liberty Tax Service®s had an ad was on the radio, when I listened to KDGE 102.1 FM's "The Adventure Club" radio program. Now this is my idea: have a bunch of wavers, performing to patriotic techno music, on Ellis Island, in front of the Statue of Liberty. A spokesperson could do a voiceover, explaining what the company provides, with its goods and services. We could also do a promotion with "Ellen", the afternoon talk show, because she always wants her audience to dance. If H.R. Block could have a man, wearing a green bow tie, telling America to get its billion dollars back, then Liberty Tax Service®s could do better.

Since Liberty Tax Service®s hired me as a waver, unique challenges were provided to me to promote its services either as a performer or a representative of the company. Time magazine mentioned in a recent article that Texas has four seasons: drought, flood, blizzard, and twister. The article didn't mention that sometimes Texas has all four seasons of weather within one week. The winter of 2014 wasn't the exception to the rule: we've had record temperatures, but also, we've fallen behind in our rainfall. I dealt with that aspect of the job as best as possible, given the circumstances. Traffic, near our location, is some of the busiest in Fort Worth. However, school children get excited when they see a waver perform routines. Truck drivers, school bus drivers, and other motorists smile, wave, and act friendly. People in public service, such as police officers, firefighters, and paramedics, appreciate the gesture. Retired service members, from our nation's military, have even saluted, when I was performing. I guess the costume reminds them that we're a grateful nation; moreover, it reminds them that liberty and freedom shouldn't be taken for granted.
I only wish that I had Google Glass to record some of my encounters on the street. 

I also appreciated the fact that Reggie Kelly and Scott Kirk allowed me to help promote Liberty Tax Service®s at Globe Life Park, when the Texas Rangers played the Philadelphia Phillies, during opening week of the Major League Baseball season. People who filed their taxes enjoyed the baseball game, the shirts promoting the event, the door prizes given away at the event, and the fact that the Rangers made a comeback from behind to win the game, 3 to 2.
In conclusion, I'll miss the smiling faces, the extra income, and the funny stories that I've told my co-workers, about Fort Worth traffic. I once told my friend Mike, a retired policeman from California, "I don't need to watch NASCAR, because I can see it live with local traffic." Most people probably are upset about their taxes. I'm dealing with the fact that I can no longer have this much fun and still get paid.