authorImage-LorraineHarmon-0cdebda1-9826-4c75-bac3-2a6bab2051e9.jpgI first met Tom five years ago during our first year of operations. He had been the school bus driver of my children. My daughter referred him to our office. We completed his return free of charge and from then on was a committed customer. Over the years we became very close, he sent his son in to get his taxes done. Although my children were grown he continued to inquire as to their well being. Tom got stricken with cancer two years ago and was in a life threatening situation. We prepared his return for free, as he was not working, and was financially challenged. He came back the following year in remission and he was happy again to be able to fully pay for our services.

This year, his cancer returned in another area. He was having to get Cobra insurance for healthcare, again out of work, receiving only partial long term disability through his employer. He was fit to be tied not knowing what to do. I assured him we could help. I offered to fill out his application at the (Healthcare) Marketplace, call the Marketplace, review the options and get him signed up.

After a month, he came in very upset. His oncologist did not take the new insurance even though we had previously confirmed they were a participating provider. The doctors office admitted to the error and apologized, but this was not helping Tom. He became teary eyed as I reassured him I would do my best to resolve the situation. I again called the Marketplace and explained the situation. On a three party call with the oncologist, the Marketplace, myself and the taxpayer, we agreed on an insurance provider that would cover his treatments and ongoing medical needs.

Once everything was solidified, he took out his wallet to pay us. When we insisted the service was free of charge and it was our honor to help him, he began to cry physically. He had explained that he was at his wits end and was having to be forced to move out of his apartment, because the medical treatments were his first priority. He wrote a letter expressing his gratitude to us.