I sent the following to a contest in a local magazine to recognize a company that gives back to the community. Liberty Tax® epitomizes service and giving back to the community and are deserving of the award:

To Whom it may Concern

Saw the contest in Pompano today magazine and would like to nominate Liberty Tax Service® of Pompano Beach. It is ironic that my relationship began with them by winning a free tax prep at an Adopt and Pet event that they donated to the event. They are now my full time tax accountant. MY relationship with Liberty Tax® started with a free tax prep I won at a charity event.

For 10+ years- Liberty Tax Service® (two locations in Pompano Beach) has been heavily involved in the community supporting events and fundraising efforts through the Pompano Rotary Club, Relay for Life, Horses for Heroes, Unity in the Community, and the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce among others. You see them at many city and community events with Statue of Liberty costumed staff handing out Liberty crowns and adding to the fun. They have also sponsored two softball teams. Liberty gives back to the community through marketing programs. Instead of buying advertising from national firms, Liberty spends nearly its entire marketing budget using local individuals for grassroots marketing. Many are people who are unemployed, are not able to work fulltime or just starting their first job. In turn, their paychecks are then spent at other local businesses. So when you see the Statue of Liberty out in front of their office, remember that he or she is out there helping to support our community!