It was very cold, raining and windy. All my resources had ran dry. My family was completely exhausted as we had tried every church and resource we were capable to get to or find. No one would help us with our vital records.

We had lost everything including our vehicles in a house fire in October 2014. Red Cross had sent us to the Salvation Army in Knoxville on Broadway. We had walked 4 or 5 miles down Broadway to the Kroger Shopping Center when I seen a man holding a sign that said "Homeless Need Help." People were giving him money! This gave me an idea and I made a sign that said, "Homeless family need help with vital records."

 In time, a couple came by and helped us out. As I was so ecstatic to be able to get my social security card for employment. I had seen a man dressed as Lady Liberty who was smiling and waving. As I went by with no notice at all the man pulled me to the side and asked my situation. The first thing I noticed was his tattoos under his eyes. Just like mine! He told me to fill out the application and I had a good chance at getting the job!

I went in and did so. Within a week I had my social security card and a job! Liberty Tax® does not judge based on race, color, sex, religion or even our past. You are judged by the ability to do our jobs. I praise God for this company and its employees. Thank you Liberty Tax Service® for giving me the opportunity to work and support my family. I am expecting now at the end of February to move out of the homeless shelter and into our new home.

One night a news crew came by and asked me if I enjoyed working out in the cold. I was so happy that I was able to tell the community what a great job I have and what a great employer Liberty Tax Service® is. I love my job and its an honor to be able to speak for them on the news. After the interview, my boss told me that she had a surprise. She said anyone that got the attention of the news got a $50 bonus. At first I didn't want to take it because I really wanted to tell everyone how great this company is and how wonderful they treat me.

They give me hot food and coffee, tea or hot chocolate when it's cold. They provide me with gloves and a hat and some warmer things to put inside my gloves. They care about me and want to take care of me when I'm out there. She insisted I take the bonus and I couldn't wait to get back to the shelter to tell my family about how great Liberty Tax Service® was again to me. Thank you again, Liberty Tax Service®, Nicole and Judy. God Bless, Joshua Remsy