Last year I walked in the Westside Superfamily office to get my taxes done and just for the heck of it I asked for a job. To my surprise I wad hired on the spot.

What most people don't realize is how humbling being a waver really is. Everyday that I went to work I did so with a smile on my face even when I was heckled and even cursed at. I made sure that I came to work whenever I was scheduled to do so. I didn't just do it for the pay I did it because of how my co workers and supervisors treated me. I never felt less than because I was a waver. 

During the course of my employment, I had death in my family in New York, I had my car broken into, I even had my car break down and repaired. None of this stopped me from being on time and staying for my entire shift. On the flip side, I was asked by a teen church group to take a photo which made me feel good. At the end of the season I was sad to go, but I knew that come hell or high water I would return to my "station" on the corner of John B White Blvd and Blackstock Rd. My time is near…. come see me at my station and honk your horn when you see me!!!