Well I filed with Liberty Tax® in 2011. When I was walking down bissionet st in Houston, Texas I saw this cool statue giving away flyers. At that time I needed and wanted a job real bad so I asked the person under the costume how to get  to employees?? He replied back and said you can go in the office and ask to speak with the manager.

After that he gave me a paper that said if you sign up with them you get 50$. My eyes opened big like free money.... So I went in and asked to speak with the supervisor and she came. When I entered the door, I was asked do I want a water and a snack. That was shocking because I'm like free money and free service with nice helpful people. I'm definitely filing here is what in saying in me head. So after I spoke with the supervisor about the job, she gave me an app and then forwarded me to one of her workers to complete my taxes. Two weeks later, they was calling me to tell me my return was ready. I will forever file with them because they were kind, generous, fast, and helpful. Shout out to Liberty Tax® on bissionet st. It was my first year ever filling and the made a great first impression. I didn't file with them this year because I had to get a code on my social because of fraudulent activity, so this year wasn’t too good for me this year. But ill never forget how the people made me feel that day..... Thank you guys.. God bless