Joy Pacella post photo 63e45916-bc80-4aac-8a41-ad7b8b7d2e52When I had my first interview at Liberty Corporate, I thought to myself, going back to corporate America? However, when I walked into the lobby of 1716 Corporate Landing, everyone that walked past was so nice, as they all greeted me. It actually felt like a small company with big ideas and a passion for what was being created inside of the walls of the building. About 6 months, after I started working here, our CMO, Martha O’Gorman recruited me onto her team in marketing and I haven't looked back.

We are very active in community relationships, especially Relay for Life. This is something Martha got me involved in, as these partnerships are important to the success of our company. It’s not anything I had ever done before but something I will continue to do forever. As a 14 year cancer survivor, Relay for Life has a special place in my heart. I had never spoken to anyone about my cancer, for I considered it my burden. Since I have been at Liberty and gotten involved in Relay, I found out that cancer is something to talk about and to be proud that I did survive. I celebrate with others who are fighting and mourn the ones we have lost. I love that Liberty allows us to fundraise, participate and be active in our community. Being involved in the community and out in the public is something I never liked to do. At our first event I put on the costume, handed out crowns and worked in the crowd that I would have otherwise avoided. Liberty changed my life. Because of the community events I can talk to strangers, I can handle working the crowds. I even made a speech at a March of Dimes lunch. It was awesome. Liberty has allowed me to grow as a person and to have more confidence in myself. Liberty allows employees to be themselves and I feel like I am a part of the 2020 vision. My name is Joy, I am a Liberty Fanatic.