To know to me is to know that I absolutely love interaction with people! I love to help others however I can; have fun, laugh and spread positive energy. Providing excellent customer service is my middle name! When I believe in something, I will stop at nothing to see it move forward and I BELIEVE IN LIBERTY!

Although my journey with Liberty Tax® as a manager began in late October, I have had the wonderful opportunity of enrolling Liberty in our local national fair. The booth set up was fantastic! We even won third place. (Although we didn't know we were competing) I was also able to get our local major radio station to give me a live interview encouraging the public to visit our booth. We worked it the entire week! Additionally, I was even able to get the ladies who worked at the Allstate booth next to us to sign up for tax school! How cool is that?!

A week or so ago I helped pass out crowns and candy during our annual Christmas parade. It was the most exercise I'd had in a long time however it was very rewarding. I love the fact that our customers get to see us outside of the office. It helps them to know that we give back. I put our customers first! From personally delivering tax returns to a person's place of employment because they couldn't make it to us or helping a person enroll in insurance through the marketplace, my journey with Liberty Tax® is just beginning. I'm excited to push Liberty to others and in my community. I BELIEVE IN LIBERTY!