Five years ago, I was a bartender. At that point, I was assuming I would be a career bartender, as I never could quite figure out what else I'd want to do. 

I have my cosmetology license, my EMT license, and had been tending bar off and on for years. Eugenia, my Franchise owner, stopped in for dinner at my bar & insisted that I come and "check out" her tax class. I never thought that, at that moment, my life would completely change.

This year's theme at Convention was #You Belong. I feel like I DO belong somewhere now. 

The enthusiasm and dedication that Eugenia and John Hewitt have shown me is incredible. I LOVE doing taxes and I LOVE working in an environment where you are encouraged to have fun! I have found my career, and will be a franchisee in the next 2-3 years. 

 Thank you John Hewitt, for creating a business that is as encouraging and enthusiastic as Liberty Tax®!