My decision to work from home came about after a long 4 years of being un-employed and previously going back to school to get my Associates in Applied Business, Web Design from Ohio Business College. After graduating in 2011, I was out of work actively looking with no luck except holding down odd jobs or in between temporary contract jobs in residential sales and marketing management. Fed up and frustrated, I decided to work from home to start earning my own residual income.

Recently in December of 2013, I decided to partner with a wonderful Direct Sales Co. that provides an broad range of infant organic unique children's gifts. My desire to become an e-consultant was a result of the mission of the Co. in helping women to become independent business owners in helping them become successful at building their business. Also, I fell in love with their earth friendly products. While launching "Stacey's Pollywally Doodle," I new I was on a path towards self development. It was January when I got my big break taking on a seasonal position with Dayton South Liberty Tax Service® as a Marketing Manager, while building B2B relationships in representing the Liberty Tax Service® brand has given me all the tools necessary in affectively approaching my own business in building on-going relationships with others. My way of defining fanatical is taking that leap of faith in starting something new you've never done before. Because of my fanatical leap I just want to say thank you Liberty Tax® for being there for me in helping me build my business!