OK my story is a little rough and I don't want sympathy because my story can help empower someone else. So a little - I'm a single mom who has lived in and out the shelter for about 2 1/2 years.

I have struggled alone as I came to NY I came here in 2013 things didn't work out. I have managed to continue to give my son the best life and everything he needs and wants.

I met my boyfriend who is wonderful in my life he came in and help build me up in my lowest point In life. My boyfriend is also my BESTFRIEND and he is a wonderful role model for my son who is my joy. I lost my first child in 2007 she passed away from sids so I've been trying to maintain the best for my son.

Like I said Idk if I will picked and that's not why I'm telling my story because I actually have so much more I can tell. If honestly I'm picked I just wanna take my son and my boyfriend on a nice weekend trip to a resort and a shopping spree to show them I need them as much as they need me. I love my family and I want to just bless them with somethings to.

Thanks for the opportunity from me to you.