This tax season was a very emotional one – I heard a lot of stories from clients and their financial needs, but there was one that really caught my attention.

We had a very successful first peak and were packed many days. On bitter-cold January 27 in Brooklyn Center, MN (suburb of Minneapolis), a client walked in with 2 small children. As she sat down she started to tell me how important it was for her to get her return done because her and her 3 children were homeless and needed the Cash In a Flash to renew their room at the Days Inn for that evening. My heart just dropped because it was very cold outside. As I continued doing her taxes, she mentioned she had to pick up her third child from school, which was over an hour away on the bus.

At the end of the return, we got to the point where I needed her ID. It was expired and when I told her that I could not finish her return, she started to cry. I told her she could go to the government center and get a new ID, but she did not have any money nor an easy way to get there and she had to pick up her daughter from school in the next half an hour. She continued to cry and her daughters started to cry too. I couldn’t leave because we had a wait and I was the only one there at the moment. She stormed out, and I felt empty as looked out of the office window at this young lady with 2 children walking in the bitter cold with no where to go for shelter.

Luckily at the same time one of my co-workers arrived. I ran outside and yelled for our customer to come back. I explained what we were going to do for her. My co-worker drove her to the government center to get a new ID with the $50 CIF money in advance. Then, the school was calling because they were closing and they were going to report her to the county. We immediately headed over there to pick up her daughter and then came back to finish the return!

She said she had never been happier in her life. I thank God that everything worked out and her and her kids were safe. I love happy endings!