liberty_waverI was unemployed for a while, but it all changed in January 2011. I went to a tryout to be a waver at Liberty Tax® and I got the job right on the spot. I loved working every tax season because I got to dress up as the Statue of Liberty and dance. 

People would drive by, honk their horns, and wave. It was such a good feeling when I put smiles on people's faces. There were times when it was cold outside and someone bought me hot chocolate and a donut from dunkin donuts, and another time a guy walked up to me and gave me hand warmers. 

People would tell me what a great job I'm doing. Little kids would get their pictures taken with me. Also, at my job I would give out coupons and tell everyone about Liberty Tax®. People would thank me for telling them where to get their taxes done and they would come back every year. On my break I would offer hot chocolate, candy, or donuts and just being friendly. 

I met really awesome people working at Liberty Tax®.