I learned something in fanatical training, and it has resonated with me since, that we as tax preparer must make the client feel special and show them we can be trusted and that we care! Also, go above and beyond for the client within reason.

I had a married couple, who are also returning clients, filed with me a month or so ago. The husband was released from prison some time ago and couldn't get a job. The wife was the only one working and they have three kids. He learned his lesson and explained to me that he just wanted to take the pressure off his wife and take care of his family. He realized he made a major mistake which devastated his family. They were hoping their refund could help them move out of her parents' home so they start over and be a family again. However, many employers were not giving him a chance for the obvious reason and even felon- friendly jobs were turning him away.

My husband works for a felon-friendly employer and I recommended that the husband try there because they're always hiring. So, one day, the wife came to pick up her check and was a little upset with me because my husband's job turned away her husband. I was shocked and felt so bad! I apologized and told her I will find out what happened and get her husband in that company!

I told my husband what happened and was also shocked because he knows whoever turned her husband away was wrong. So he went to work and talked to his supervisor. (He) then told me to tell the husband to get back down there and see his supervisor. The next day, my husband told me that her husband got in!! I was so happy for them and they were so happy and grateful too! The wife told me no one has ever looked out for them before and they are so grateful to have met me! She must have thanked me a dozen times! She appreciated that I had their backs, beyond taxes, and went above and beyond for her family!

I have a family too so their situation reached me on a personal level and they touched my heart. It wasn't about keeping their business, it was because I truly cared. They are definitely in my prayers and look forward to seeing them again!