Well, I used to have an accountant that worked for a big firm. He used to do my parents taxes so I trusted him and really thought he had my best interests in mind. The last year he did my taxes he charged me almost $400.00 and I was stunned. My taxes were not complicated - the only change, I was newly divorced. No personal care or concern. Well I couldn't afford to go back there. My fiancé suggested Liberty Tax Service®. It was close to where we lived and convenient. I walked in and ended up with an accountant (John Lopez) that helped me tremendously. He changed the way I had been filing (making me head of household) and ended up getting me money back from the previous two years. He cared and spent time with me. He treated me like a family member. It was not what I was expecting with this business. I was thinking I would be just a number. The entire staff was professional and very kind. I will always go to Liberty Tax Service® to get my taxes done. I trust them.