I had been working for the city for 5 years as a library clerk. I was elated when I was finally hired full time! At last! Insurance, full-time pay, all the perks of working full time! I was not smiling when I filed my first tax return by myself though! I had always filed my own returns electronically myself. I was used to getting around $3,400 back each year. Suddenly, I was looking at paying both state and federal taxes! I was in a panic! So I loaded up all my paperwork and headed down to my local Liberty Tax® office. The woman there couldn't have been nicer! She sat down and we went over everything and it took her just a short time and she had my return all done and filed! I received a good-sized federal return and only had to pay a small state tax. Yeeaah! I couldn't have been happier! Now every year I go down to the same office and have them do my taxes. I even got to see the changing of the "liberty" crew! One was just coming in as another went out. Funny stuff!