My name is Tyler Winn, and I started with Larry and Kryssi Contreras way back in 2010 as a waver at our Main Street office in The Colony, TX(15835).

I spent 2 seasons as a waver/marketer until I turned 17 and took Tax School at the same office. Larry and Kryssi gave me my PTIN for my 18th birthday, and a gift for passing Tax School, and being as proficient in LibTax as Kryssi.

Going through my first tax season, I did over 300 returns, my average net fee was over $350, and we had a rocking tax season! The following year, they decided to open a few new offices, and I became the store manager at 18 years old, right before my 19th birthday, for a brand new office in Little Elm, TX(18917).

Our very first year as Store manager, we did 500 returns, with an ANF of, again, over $350! In 2015, I became our central support manager over Centralized Processing over our 10 Storefront offices, and a Wal-mart kiosk. After going through that tax season, we restructured our company, and I became our General Manager, managing 14 locations (including 2 SiempreTax+ offices), in addition to our Call Center for 2 years.

Working with Larry and Kryssi these last several years has impacted my life so much, that I am wanting to become a Franchisee myself, and work my way into becoming an Area Developer within the next 7-9 years.