After I decided my life long dream of becoming a professional artist was a real possibility, even though I wasn't sure how to begin walking out that dream. I was willing and decided to take whatever steps necessary to begin painting while caring for my son, who wound up needing to be cared for full-time and home schooled as well. This step meant having to quit my lifelong career with the State of Alaska. Even though caring for my son was very hard and the sacrifice of possibly eating through my retirement long before it was time was a real concern, I had to think of my son's needs first. My quitting to be with him kept him from ever requiring long term respite care again, except for once which also gave me the last really deep hands-on training that I desperately needed. It built confidence as well as understanding for exactly what was needed to help him function and thrive as he grew up.

I walked into Liberty Tax® prior to April 15th feeling defeated because of what I thought we would owe IRS after everything else that we had already paid out of pocket that year for medical treatment and care; we had given up so much to care for our son. Not only were they wonderful and professional in our local office but I couldn't imagine going anywhere else because of their loving hometown touch, but this particular year because of our son’s Aspergers diagnosis on top of a couple of other diagnosis we had a pleasant surprise awaiting us with just the right people gathering together at exactly the right time. The money we had spent on medical and costs for all of the extra care and counseling and because of having to give up employment and retirement, well, that sacrifice for exactly our circumstances was cause for a small return. Our lady who worked with us that day had family who dealt with issues like our son and because of her personal knowledge of the care needed she did some checking and a week later we had good news. We qualified for a special filing that would recoup enough to pay for the last entire respite stay out of state. It was a blessing that she was exactly the right person to help us find.

I feel like these small hometown Liberty offices are amazing because they go the extra mile with a huge friendly smile, every single time you enter their doors. After that our family quickly continued to heal and I did get to step into my dream job. I am now a full-time professional artist and work with a couple of non-profits, locally, sharing what I love the most to bring blessings to my entire community. The picture I uploaded for this is my Facebook page with one of my newest paintings that was, by the way, definitely inspired in the beginning by Liberty Tax® and the patriotism I see decorating all of the offices. I titled it, "Jeweled Eagle: God Bless America." The freedom and blessings I see in my life from the little things like paying your taxes in a franchise that is as wonderful as Liberty Tax® - for that I would like to say: "Thank you!"
Joy Lynn