Bob Shin post photo d32a898d-d03d-41c7-96d9-6a8eb57bc771Kevin Wright loves to get his groove on the minute he puts on his Lady Liberty costume! He is from the great state of Hawaii, and he was raised mostly in Los Angeles, CA. Apart from waving for Liberty Tax® in Colorado Springs – Austin Bluffs, he works as a conductor on the Cog Rail train that travels up to the summit of Pikes Peak, more than 14,000 feet high.

Kevin has training in ballroom and salsa dancing and he loves to play midnight (indoor) soccer after working his five hour shifts with Liberty. Kevin is extremely physically fit, a constant ball of energy, and he attracts great attention for the store. On one occasion, one of our preparers witnessed a fire truck going to an emergency call with its lights & sirens and one of the firemen noticed Kevin dancing on the corner of Austin Bluffs and Academy Blvd, one of the busiest intersections in Colorado Springs. Even though they were in route to an emergency call, this fireman took the time to extend his body outside the window of the fire truck and wave back at Kevin.

On another occasion, two females approached Kevin after witnessing his fabulous dance moves and asked if he needed a dance partner. As professional as Kevin is he stated, “Sure as long as you don’t do anything crazy, I’m working right now.” Last week, another female called the office and asked one of the tax preparers if Kevin was single! Not only is Kevin a chick magnet, he has been a great employee for Liberty. He always shows up for his shift and has been very punctual. Kevin embraces the Liberty vision and understands that he and our other wavers are the front line for our store, especially during first peak.

We are proud and honored to have him as an employee!