Rena Lyons post photo 5b38cd29-76cd-4d76-9041-aee18dc7cfc8Hi, my name is Rena Lyons and I want to share my experiences with Liberty Tax® and Roger and Susan Gingerich. But before I get ahead of myself, I think I need to start at the beginning as I share my life experiences. It may touch you and make you laugh, but I hope that you get out of this that no matter where you are in your life, you can always turn a negative into a positive. 

In the year 2000, I hadn’t made the best life decisions and I didn’t realize that it would take 15 years to rectify those mistakes. One morning in early November 2007, I was walking my dog in my pajamas when I saw a man loading boxes labeled “Liberty Tax® Sample Road office” into an empty store 2 blocks from my house.

I asked him, “Are you the man that hires those Statue of Liberty wavers during tax season?” and he said, “Yes, I am.” I thought to myself, am I in the proper dress attire to be asking him about a job? No makeup, pajamas, and I didn’t even brush my hair! But in all honesty, what did I have to lose. Nobody had given me a job in a long time and I had more than one door slammed in my face.

I looked this man right in the eye and said, “You know what, I will be the best waver you’ve ever had.” He said, “Okay, write down your name and phone number down.” As I walked away smiling, I thought if I get a call for this, then this man is probably as way out there as I am.

Never in a million years did I think that Susan Gingerich would call two weeks later and say that they were opening the store early and how would I like to start waving right away? My very first day was a humbling experience. I wasn’t actually sure if I could handle this type of job or even if I could be positive about it or if I could bring business in for these wonderful people who took a chance on me.

When I went home that night, I decided that I if I was going to do this, I was gonna be the absolute best at it. I was going to make people smile and touch people’s life even if it was for the 30 seconds they drove by me.

My first year was great and after tax season, Susan asked me to go with her to special events. I got the privilege of wearing the Statue of Liberty costume to represent Liberty, helping kids paint pumpkins at Halloween, working with others at the National Night Out Against Crime, and marching in the annual Yuletide Parade. I now have an unofficial fan club whose members are those who recognize me in the community whenever I go out.

This job helped me meet my expenses, paid my electric, paid my cellphone, given me some friends and helped me build confidence in what I can do for the future. But Liberty has given me so much more. I am I am big part of the Liberty family. I just finished my CPE hours for my Respiratory Therapy license and I’ve applied to regain my license. Hooray!

As I enter into the 2015 tax season and my eighth year as a waver for Liberty Tax® I have a big debt of gratitude for my unofficial fan club, Liberty, and Roger and Susan for being the best bosses I’ve ever had and for helping me become the person I am today. I am truly grateful and I will always and forever be your Lady Liberty of Sample Road.