Liberty, how do I love thee; let me count the ways! When I met you 3 years ago, you exceeded my expectations by helping to boost my refund. Liberty, through Tatina Tucker showed me that I was entitled to more deductions and credits than what I was taking advantage of. It was love at first sight! Last year I came in to get a copy of my tax return during tax school and was invited to take the rapid class. I had always been curious about learning to do taxes and so I decided to enroll thinking, "I can use the extra income to pay off some bills.”

The tax season proved to be nothing less than outstanding! I ended up being the top preparer at my location, received a wonderful bonus and got to attend the convention in Virginia Beach! Liberty rolled out the red carpet for me, educated me, fascinated me and even wined and dined me! I was convinced that I wanted more than just a seasonal relationship. I wanted commitment! And to make it all worth while; I found that Liberty wanted the same thing from me. Becky and Eric Elder invited me back to work as a manager for one of their stores! After having been at the same job for more than 15 years, needing a change and being afraid to shift; I ended my career in education and began a new relationship with Liberty Tax® October 27, 2014.

 Liberty embraced me and gave me one more gift and that was the means to become a licensed insurance agent. Needless to say, I took advantage of that offer too and am happy to say that I've began my journey writing policies too! I'm 40 years old and honestly I thought that I had put too much time in my former career to begin again. Liberty has made me believe that life is just beginning for me and by no means am I stopping here. You ask me if Liberty has made a difference in my life? My response: "Do you have to ask?"
#til' death do us part