Our office (entity 6673, office 17363) has impacted the lives of nearly 1300 (and counting) needy families in Muncie (and Delaware county), Indiana as well as many more throughout the state by working with a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Action for Animals, Inc., that, as one of its many efforts, operates a pet food pantry from our office.

The focus of the pet food pantry is to provide food to those who cannot afford to feed their pets due to financial stressors they are facing, and those who are struggling to keep their pets. Many of these pet owners are on some type(s) of public assistance, or are senior citizens with their only income being Social Security. Many are unemployed and agonize about either giving their pets up if they are able to find someone else to take them, dumping those pets by turning them loose, or taking them to the local animal shelter where they are more than likely to be euthanized due to severe shelter overcrowding. So, this effort is providing an emotionally powerful service that allows pet owners the ability to keep their beloved pets more easily and reduces their overall financial burdens while doing so.

We are fortunate to own our own 10,000 sq ft building, and are fortunate to be able to provide storage for the numerous pallets of food that are donated primarily by various major pet food manufacturers, retail distribution centers such as Tractor Supply Company, as well as lesser amounts from local retailers who gather broken bags and cans with short expiration dates that they can no longer sell.

There are two different distribution types that are conducted at our facility through a joint effort of Action for Animals volunteers and our Liberty employees.

First, thanks to the partnership of Action for Animals, Inc. with Rescue Bank National (, there are coordinated distributions of donated pallets of food based on donation availability to approximately 40 other animal shelters and rescue groups throughout the state of Indiana, impacting the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of pets and their people several times throughout the year. These other shelters and groups use the food to feed animals waiting to be adopted, as well as in their communities.

We also hold a "Thanksgiving" of sorts the 3rd Thursday of every month where an official pet food giveaway is held at our office. The amounts of food available varies from one month to the next based on donations, but people are still grateful for what we have to give. During these pantry days each month, our office is "standing room only" for several hours, serving 75 to 125 families and their pets per month. During these events our parking lot is overflowing to the extent that we have to have people direct traffic and parking flow. People are extremely grateful for the food and the service that our joint effort provides.

There is more to this story, but I will stop there for now. As a result of reading the excerpt of your book on Amazon, I just felt the need to share our story with you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Brad Sparks
Co-owner - Entity 6673