My Liberty story is about my co-worker Jackie Chapman and how she has touched my life. I first meet Jackie in my 2011, ten week Basic Tax class. She was unable to work with us that tax season because she was needed at home. But she returned that fall to retake the class and work the tax season, starting in January 2013. She stayed in touch during the off season by coming in and working on practice problems. In November, she discovered a lump in her breast and was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast cancer, a rare and aggressive cancer.

She underwent a double mastectomy on December 20, 2013. Three weeks after surgery Jackie was placed on the schedule to be the nighttime lead tax preparer. She started chemotherapy the morning of February 26, and came to work as scheduled at 3 pm that afternoon. Jackie has now had 5 treatments and has not been late or missed a day of work because of these treatments. She had long hair, but cut it short to prepare for the loss of her hair, and has now lost her hair. She has been an encourager to all of us at the office. She will not let us pity her or pamper her. To show our support we had pink polo style shirts made with the Breast Cancer ribbon on it and have nicknamed all of us "Liberty Belles."