thumb_postImage-Irma StephanieAlmaguer-3b5701ef-3b88-4551-880e-578d3aaf6c972I started working for Liberty Tax Service® on January 6th 2013. When I first walked in to fill and application and ask about the Rapid Tax class, I have felt welcome and like there was finally a little hope in my life. I am a college student and my schedule is a very tough one to work with at times, because it is a quarterly based school and every three months my schedule changes again.

Liberty has been the first place willingly and acceptably to work with my crazy school schedule. I don't have a boss and coworkers - I have another family. People I share my life with, ask for advice and talk to. I had been out of a job for a year and half thinking I would never find a job to help my pay for school and then Liberty opened their door. Liberty gave me hope to keep pursuing my goals. This year, I started doing marketing for a new location my owner opened and it has given me more confidence and courage to face any challenge. Liberty has provided me with experience that I know will help me in the future. I will always come back to Liberty for every season to see my family and all the customers/friends I've made while working with Liberty.