Liberty gave my heart a chance to heal

Five years ago, I lived in Florida, and my son and I were homeless. I hadn’t worked a steady job in about 3 years. One day, I was at a friend’s house on their computer, and found an old friend from the Marine Corps online. She and I began talking and she was raving about her job and wanted me to come up and visit. She told me I should apply because they had seasonal positions that were coming available just before Christmas. This was shortly before Thanksgiving, and even though I needed a job, my confidence and faith in interviewing had been torn.

A few months prior, I had been interviewed and hired for a position as an Accounts Payable Specialist. I was hired by the hiring manager, and on the first day, I showed up in a black skirt suit, hair pulled back in a tight bun, nice black pumps, an emerald green shirt to liven up the black, and subtle makeup and jewelry… very professional. The hiring manager greeted me, quickly delivering me to the Accounting Department Manager. The manager began showing me around; within 20 minutes I was sitting at what would be my desk and speaking with my supervisor, who would show me my day-to-day tasks. After about 30 minutes, the owner of the company came in and asked to speak with me. Of course, I followed her. Our conversation started out very general and polite, but it was uncomfortable and I felt very uneasy. Well, the owner told me to look around at the people in the company, she then told me that I don’t fit in and I’m not what they are looking for in an employee. She had the security guard escort me out of the building. Needless to say, I was crushed and hurt. I sat in the parking lot and cried for an hour.

Now, my friend was asking me to visit 700 miles away from home and apply at a company that I knew very little about. I decided to give it a try… I had nothing to lose, I was already at the bottom. With the little money I had, I flew up and interviewed with Debbie. I was nervous and didn’t know how the interview went. I was staying for a couple of days and figured if I didn’t hear anything before I went to Florida, I could at least say that I visited Virginia Beach. On the day that I was preparing to leave, I received a phone call from Debbie. She told me that they really liked me, but couldn’t hire me for the position that I applied for. She began to explain to me that it was a seasonal position and since I lived in Florida, it would not be good for me to move so far away from home having a seasonal position. Once again, I felt defeated, but Debbie wasn’t finished. Debbie told me that they had another position that they wanted to offer me. It was full time, with benefits, and they thought that I would be the perfect fit. I was being hired to manage Online Support. They were giving me a chance. I was ecstatic! Debbie asked if I could move here and start work before Christmas. I didn’t know how I could do that, but I agreed.

On December 15, 2008, my life changed as I began to work for Liberty Tax Service®. I worked as the Online Support Manager for 2 ½ years, and then another manager recognized my talent and brought me to the Online Products team to work as a Business Analyst, which I performed for 2 years, until recently being promoted to Project Manager. Liberty gave me an opportunity to grow and find a career that I love. My children live in a home that we are purchasing, and my faith in people and authority has changed. Liberty gave my heart a chance to heal and see that every one of another race, in authority, is not prejudice or racist. Everyone in this company that has promoted, encouraged, and pushed me to do and be more has been of a different ethnic group, other than my own. Everyone is not blessed to find and be given the opportunity to have mentors and a career, but I have been, and for that I am very thankful. Anytime there is a decision that needs to be made, that I can influence, I remember that Liberty has been loyal to me, and I am therefore loyal to Liberty.