I worked for a Liberty Tax® in 2009 and 2010. I decided in December of 2014 to call about the tax school they had. I got registered and took the class. In that process, I was offered a job by Kyle Kinstler to work in the call center. I needed that job!

Not long after I got the job, circumstances changed in life. On top of my four children, I took on 3 foster children and he let me take the time off that I needed to help those children. Not only that, he and his wife, Terrie, went out and bought those children gifts for Christmas!!!! I don't think that I could have found a more understanding boss, let alone that generous of one!!!

I then got all the things I needed to become a preparer in the office. After that, I was given so many opportunities by the owners and the managers! Dave taught the class and continues to answer his phone when you have tax questions. Kyle gave me the opportunity of being flexible and working in all the areas so that I would know in depth what it takes to be a true part of Liberty Tax®.

Then I got the opportunity to work with Chad Brown and his father Steve. All these people have so much knowledge that I started practicing as many problems as I could. Chad especially gives his employees opportunities to be pushed and succeed!!! He challenges me all the time! And when you make a mistake, he lets you learn from it rather than just throwing you out the door.

We are such a tight knit group and it is such an honor to be a part of the team. From Illiana running around in a Liberty costume doing b2b to Chad pushing us to further our knowledge - and Dave, Scott, and Steve knowing any answers we needed, never did a day go by that I didn't learn something new.

 Liberty has been good to me and my children, and even if I never worked at a Liberty again, I am still honored to have worked with and known such great people!