shauntelle Johnson post photo 2d7c58eb-27fb-454a-8d08-18a8b63c40f8Liberty Tax® touched my life because without them I would have truly been lost this year without the funds that was provided to me through their services! I am so grateful seeing that they came right on time my mother passed away on Jan 30, 2014!

I wasn't going to file at first, because I didn't even get my W2s until the day before, so I wasn't hardly thinking about doing taxes seeing that the woman that meant the world to me was battling breast cancer! So February 5, 2014 I went ahead and filed received $50 for filing and got my picture taken! Which I didn't want to do! But in the end I'm glad I did because my little sister was still living with my mother at the time of her death and she needed help financially!! So I did what I thought my mom would have wanted me to do I gave her majority of my tax refund to help her out so she would be able to get back on her feet! Seeing that she just graduated prior to my mother's untimely death! She was so excited to be able to leave Chicago due to the violence here in this city! She is now back at E.I.U. and trying to pursue another degree! While I'm here still trying to maintain in this crazy city! Without Liberty Tax® being so conviently close to my mother's house at the time since I was there during arrangements for her memorial, I would have probably never got around to doing them at all! But I knew my family needed me, especially my baby sister! I was so grateful for my return even if I couldn't really use it for myself or my son! Thanks again - Liberty really helped me when I needed them the most! :)