Since 2011, Liberty Tax® was a seasonal position for me, a tremendous boost in my overall outlook on life, and the best way to start the year out right. Helping people by connecting local businesses, charities and lowering the unemployment rates in our area by giving some a chance and a shot at being employed even if it was just for those short 4 months.

Reaching out to the community and letting them know that there are options for filing and that Liberty not only sets the standard but we like to have a little fun in what for most is a very stressful time. Planning roadside parties and figuring out new ways to approach businesses that weren't always the nicest or accepting of that "Wild Lady Liberty".

Unfortunately this year is the first tax season that I'm sitting out. The accomplishments I made in those short years were amazing and at the end of the day I helped so many from franchisees to strangers on the trolley, Liberty Tax® will always be in my heart and the passion for the brand and what John has built will always be in my soul.

If the opportunity ever arises for myself or anyone I know to join Liberty Tax® I highly recommend it. You will get a family you never knew was possible, knowledge from some of the smartest individuals, and a chance to change so many lives.