In 2012/2013 I started filing with liberty (I was brought in by my sister-in-law through the send a friend program. 2015 a new franchise of Liberty was opened in my small town of Mt. Washington by the amazing woman Mary Taylor.

She owns five stores in the area surrounding Louisville and the one she opened in Mt. Washington was a lot closer to my home. When I went in to file my 2015, Toya Hines suggested that I check the box saying I was interested in Liberty Tax® school.

Around August Toya calls and asks if I can sign up for the tax class. I could not afford the price of the books flat out so they let me pay weekly for them. I've learned so much through the tax class. Now this season I'm working at store 12598 on Outer Loop in Louisville (one of Mary's stores).

My hubby also works as a waver on Sundays so our whole family loves working for Liberty. This has by far been my favorite place of employment and I hope to see myself working here, at least seasonally, throughout the rest of my life.

This company has saved my life. Last Friday I went to the bank to get my paycheck from the school job. Through some clerical error my timesheet did not make it to they payroll department and they can not pay me for two more weeks. Thank God for liberty. If it were not for my job at Liberty my son and I would not have food on the table this week. This company is literally a lifesaver.