Last year my daughter was going through a tough time due to health complications. She has 3 children ages 8/6/and newborn.

I was taking care of her and her children since she lost her job. Our bills were piled up so high and she found out her son (8) had ADHD and he is more than likely Autistic. I found out that the house that we called home for over 4 years was sold and the management company wanted me out ASAP!

It was a very trying time for me and I needed money to pay some bills and keep a roof over our heads. She was getting depressed and I was not far behind. I was driving by and saw the "Liberty" tax person waving me into the office with the possible $750.00 advance sign. I figured it could not hurt and certainly would help.

We went in and the office staff was friendly and very knowledgeable. After they put in all our information I was able to get the advance. They made such a difference in our lives at a time when we were losing hope they gave it back to us! Thank you Liberty Tax® - 10th and Linwood, Indianapolis, IN.