There are always tough moments in life in which you may not see any opportunities to help you achieve your dreams. I've always been a dreamer and always knew I wanted to be a Business Woman. While I was attending school I had part time jobs on pretty much any job that came along the way. Even after graduating from High School on 2013, I would work on full time jobs. 

Nancy Aldavera Rangel authorphoto fc6175e8-e481-4c4a-ac99-de09ed60a655Yes, it was a struggle but it was worth that feeling of helping my parents and saving money for a better future. Even though I didn't have the chance to attend college after graduating I will go back to school later on and get my Business Degree. The day I was given the opportunity to brighten my future was when I was offered a job with Liberty Tax®. I knew from that moment that my life will change because this first door will open many others on the road to success. I have been working with Liberty Tax® since March 2014 as Office Manager. I am not yet a tax preparer but I have achieved many things in such a short time. I was able to make our office certified through Una Familia Sin Froteras Foundation and not only that i have also finished my Interpreter's Course. Una Familia Sin Froteras has open my mind set in many different ways. This foundation has teach me that we are able to help our Hispanic community in many ways. They have showed dedication and true desire to make a change. Those things are what inspire me to follow the same steps. Since I have been working with Liberty Tax® my life completely changed. I have an amazing job that i keep learning day by day and i know for a fact that this opportunity I was given will bring me even more chances to become the person I desire to be. I am excited to start Tax School this year on September and learn everything I need to learn in order to make our office even more successful. I am looking forward to be successful and one day becoming a franchise owner.