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On February 8th a long time client, Luther Barr, came into the office acting very strange. He thought he had filed a tax return and was looking for a check. A preparer told him he hadn't filed yet and then he sat down to file a return but he was very confused and didn't have his w2's or picture ID. The preparer sent him home to get his w2's, but she really thought he was on drugs.

After he left the office the Office Supervisor talked to the preparer to inquire why he didn't prepare a return. She told Janelle the client was too high to do a return. Knowing what a great single father of 3 kids Luther is, she knew there was no way he was on drugs. She called around to several of his family members until she found some one who could go check on him.

When his family member got to the client's house they found him in the basement in a confused state and unable to answer basic questions. He was rushed to the hospital where they diagnosed him with a stroke. Doctor's told Luther's family if Janelle had not called them this could have ended tragically.

Luther Barr has thankfully made a full recovery and can continue being the great Dad that he is because of Janelle's attention to detail and her commitment to her clients.