Liberty Tax® and the Olympics? Our Liberty Tax® business created an incredible platform for us to raise our family. We have 4 children, and they have all seen what it takes to build a business—risk, drive, creativity, hard work, and perseverance. They have all helped—they have participated in parades, cleaned the office, worked the festivals and helped with maintenance projects. They have seen the highs and the lows. They live with the philosophy of Set the Standard, Improve Each Day and Have some Fun. We live this mission statement and have used this to help our kids understand how to attack life.

Linda Goepper post photo 76a105b5-ed99-4e0b-8430-6f01a5bb2004Nick, our oldest son, medaled in the Olympics this year. We have two daughters that are competitive gymnasts. Our youngest does a little bit of everything. Wow. How could this happen? Liberty Tax®. We were able to create a unique schedule with our work and family to allow the kids to pursue their dreams. And, they learned how to do this, by modeling their parents and what we were able to teach them through our involvement with Liberty.
They have worked with us, they have attended conventions, they have created relationships with employees –learning about all different types of people. Nick has handled the media in a relaxed and mature way. Kasey (age 17) coordinated a lot of the media and post-Olympic events. Bradee tackled her fear of cameras and interviews, and Jason learned to communicate with the Russians and to lead us to our destinations. They have always been part of the Liberty Tax® world and they have been able to take their experience with our business and apply it to great life adventures.
Nick has worked hard. He has set goals. He has fallen down and learned to get right back up. He knows that creativity sets you apart. He knows you have to be fanatical about what you do in order to be successful. Nick’s ski flew off during a competition and he just landed on one ski and kept going. Nick motivates me---and I am his mom, how crazy is that?