I'm not sure if it's too late to write about my story, but I feel compelled to share how incredible it is to be a part of the Liberty Tax® Family since 2012. My name is Thomas Montalvo and I'm convinced our presence as a Liberty Tax Service® Office here in Southern California is making a huge difference and lives throughout the community are being changed. I've been working in the tax industry since 1999, and I remember when I started working as a tax preparer what inspired me the most about joining and becoming a part of a growing industry was the opportunity to connect with others from all walks of life to help them reach their tax and financial goals.

Now, I'm not only convinced, but I strongly believe, people want to feel a sense of assurance and security when they choose to do business with any tax professional, and over the years I have to say it's all about "Relationship". Building relationships in the vast and growing industry has been challenging, however, there is always still room for improvement to grow into a more sustainable relationship with the right attitude, proper training, knowledge and hands on experience I've learned to accept about this constantly changing industry. For example, when I approach our folk's in the community, I offer a time and place to meet to discuss their tax and financial needs then the next step is to engage with them on a level of understanding why we at Liberty Tax® want to simply help in any way we can, together, achieve their goals and maybe for some it's their dreams, nevertheless, the community is being served and lives are being changed when folk's come knocking on our doors.

Also, I'm a musician in addition to supervising and managing a small tax office, but regardless of what profession any of us choose to be in in this life we have to ask, "Am I helping others", Not, "What's in it for me" because it's not only challenging, but rewarding when you have put a big smile on someone's face knowing they have someone they can count on, and it's not just in the tax industry, but in every area that effects people's lives. I'm so greatful and thankful to be a part of this growing family here at Liberty Tax Service®, and it's all due to it's diverse culture unmatched and unlike any other, and the focus of the vision this company has to be the #1 tax service by 2020 is the hope and the determination we have to look forward to as we strive to be the best and the brightest.

I have told some of my colleagues here at Liberty Tax® that I'm here to make a difference, I have passion and a desire to help others reach their goals and I feel like I'm so here to stay, I'm a Lifer, when I think about the opportunities and the possibilities Liberty Tax Service® has to offer to everyone, therefore, it's time for me to continue my contributions to the success of Liberty Tax Service®, never expecting, just giving my all and doing my all because everything we do to help others counts in large amounts. Lastly, I just was to say, "Thank You" to all in the Liberty Tax® family who have supported me in my decision to stay on board and encouraged me to do great things, thus, so far, I see great things happening now, and in the years to come, and to belong to an organization where lives are being changed is where I desire being part of a growing company that inspires many. God bless America and may God richly bless us all here at Liberty Tax Service®.