I have waved for Liberty for 4 years. I work a full time job, then wave for 4 - 8 hours on my days off, but that was not good enough for me! 

I go and give the local businesses flyers for our store, so their employees might use us. But that did not do it for me, so I made a big yellow sign next to my truck the last few days we were open, asking if their taxes were done, like mine were.  I waved from my recliner with a pineapple drink in my hand. I even had pizza delivered. 

Was that all I could do for my store? No! For the past month or so I have been building a parade float for the post star holiday parade. The theme is “candy land," but my float will say "tax land. The rest of the game board has things like peppermint round-a-bout changed to refund round-a-bout. Green gumdrop to green backs. The game board is red white and blue and the white spots will have tax terms on them. There will be Lady Liberty on the float and Mr. Liberty, walking behind handing out candy. It will be on our local TV station in Glen Falls, NY. The parade ends right by our store! 

I have over 50 hours of my time in the float, and the owner of the store gave me his trailer to hold it on. His name is Brian Muller. The parade is 11/23/14 and hope I win my class.