The very first time filing my taxes I was working at Burger King and didn't at all think I would receive much back in taxes. My mom told me about Liberty Tax® in Albany, Georgia, I went with her and applied one day before going to work. The manager of the store sat down and helped me start filing, she informed me of every single thing she did, she showed me the screen as she went, I wasn't blind to anything. I received about $1700 and I saved every penny and purchased my first car. I am still thankful to this day. The lady helped me because doing it myself, I would have been lost. I appreciated everything Liberty Tax® has done for me because technically I wouldn't have my car and my car was something i desperately needed, knowing I had a 1 year old to take back and forth to the babysitter when I had work and school. The previous year I filed with Liberty Tax® as well and also had 4 former H&R Block filers to file with Liberty Tax®. This year I received enough to pay off outstanding bills, gas up my car and have spending as well as saving money. Other companies do advertise, saying they'll get all your money back, but Liberty Tax® really gets all your money back and their fees aren't high at all. Thank you so much Liberty Tax® for ALL you've done for me, my families and friends!