I had a former H&R Block client come into my office full of worry. He had not filed his taxes in two years, needed to get a FAFSA completed for his daughter to go to college and felt he had no where he could turn. His worry stemmed from H&R Block harassing him for non paid fees from financial products he had selected at the time of his tax preparation with Block in 2010 and 2011. He stated he had a FMS debt which intercepted his two years of returns and Block was demanding payment of those fees to the point of harassment.

I listened to his story was able to calm his fears. I explained to him that Liberty understands his concerns and that as a company working with and for the taxpayer, Liberty Tax Service® would never chase after him for unpaid fees. We would only hope that he was wowed by our commitment to assist him and would refer every person he knows to our offices. After explaining that to him, I prepared and filed his two years worth of back taxes and he is now current in his filings.

The relief that came over his face was priceless. He could not understand the huge difference in the way Liberty operates vs. the way Block operates. I explained that we are here to assist the taxpayer and those referrals he could offer mean the world to our business. In the weeks since his filing, he has already sent his brother from Hampton in to see me and I received a call from one of his friends who is interest in tax school! 

Through this, I was able to expand the Liberty brand into his circle of friends and family as well as create a raving fan and probably a client for life! The best part of my career is assisting people, but I take GREAT enjoyment in any opportunity to switch a Jackson or Block client over to a LIBERTY client!! 

Thank you for reading and remember, every person you see is a potential client/tax school student for your office! All you have to do is wow them!