I have been a Liberty Tax Service® franchise owner since November 2003 and currently have 2 offices in Pompano Beach, Florida, which is just north of Fort Lauderdale. Over the years we have tried many marketing and advertising methods with widely varying levels of effectiveness.

We have used direct mail, newspaper ads, business to business marketing, networking groups, doorhangers, discount coupons, yellow pages ads, social media, referral payments, sponsoring sports teams and events, storefront signage and placing marketing staff in front of our offices dressed in Statue of Liberty costumes while waving to passing cars and pedestrians.

Far and away the most effective method of attracting new clients has been the use of costumed wavers. While it is expensive to hire people to perform this function, it is the one marketing method that has consistently had the best return on investment. To gauge this, we ask all new clients how they heard about us. We find that 85 to 90% of our new clients visit our offices because of the costumed wavers.

The costumed wavers are so effective that the national franchisor for Liberty Tax® strongly recommends that all franchisees use the wavers to promote their business. Our costumed wavers are recognized as representing the Liberty Tax Service® brand in communities throughout the United States. They are an integral part of the success of our seasonal business.

Using costumed wavers has the added benefits of keeping money in the local community and providing jobs to many who are unemployed or not able to work other jobs. Rather than send money to out of town advertising concerns, wages paid to the marketing staff remain in the community and are spent at other businesses in the community. Because the primary job requirement is a good attitude, we are able to employ disabled or homeless persons as well as many teenagers who work for a few hours after school.

Simply put, without costumed wavers we would no longer be in business.