The whole uplifting experience begins with the team of wavers. Their friendly waves and smiles, teamed with their brilliant costumes, almost carry you into another world and away from one that can seem cold and distant at times. The dazzling performance is far from over though. Upon entering a Liberty Tax® office it almost feels like home away from home with its seating area conducive to conversation, its coloring books and small knick-knacks for children, and its splendid array of choices for coffee, teas, chocolates, and other goodies. When the moment arises for you to be serviced, you are greeted as if a guest in their home and provided with an accurate and speedy service that I would imagine is unparalleled in the industry. I salute Liberty Tax® for their professionalism and willingness to reach out to people from all walks of LIFE, for their honoring our lady Statue of LIBERTY as evidenced by the costumes of the wavers, and for their overall teamwork and creation of an atmosphere so consistent with HAPPINESS. They have truly honored the values set forth in our Declaration, namely life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Thank you Liberty Tax®.