Hello, my name is Shawn Vadnais. I am 43, the single mother of a 21 year old son and I live in Portsmouth, Virginia. My life changed for the better when I became an employee of Liberty Tax Service®.
My story begins one January afternoon with my mother driving down Indian River Road in Virginia Beach, VA. She spotted a sign that read “Free Tax School, inquire inside!” She had just picked me up from my second job as a manager/bartender which I had been increasingly complaining about. I had worked two jobs simultaneously in the food service industry for 24 years at that point and was growing tired of working so hard to make minimal money. I needed a change but had no idea what that change would be. My mother, knowing this of course, pulled up in front of the Liberty Tax Service® and we went inside. She inquired about the Rapid Class` and registered herself then handed me the pen to do the same. I was a little skeptical at first, thinking, “What could I possibly learn in a week long class about taxes to obtain a new career?”

I was hooked the moment class began. I found the information very interesting and saw how it could be applied to assist taxpayers in both their finances and understanding their taxes. My mother dropped out of class after two days (she never had any intention of learning taxes) but I dove in and kept digging hard. I wanted to learn everything I could to make this one week class turn into a career change for me! I passed the class and attended Policy and Procedure. The franchise owner stood and told the story of John Hewitt and how Liberty Tax Service® began. I was captivated and knew this was something big. I realized at that moment, I wanted and had to be a part of it.
I made myself completely available to Liberty and spent my time learning all I could. Within two weeks, I was offered an Office Supervisor position by the owner of the franchise I worked for. I was very thankful for the offer and took the position. I had no idea of what my life would turn into. I was already customer service oriented, was learning tax law and applying it in the office daily and all of that combined allowed me to take ownership of the office as if it were my very own. I was able to finally leave the food service industry and I haven’t looked back.
In my fifth year with the franchisee, he sold his offices and went on to work in corporate. He placed my name as one who corporate could contact to assist with the operations of offices. I will forever be grateful for that recommendation as I have worked as an office supervisor for Corporate owned locations since.
In the time with corporate offices, my responsibilities grew and so did my confidence. I have been and continue to be a mentor to many supervisors whom I have trained either over the phone or in person. I teach multiple tax schools and find the right employees as that is the key to a successful season. I set up and conduct seminars in the community because it is important to grow the Liberty brand. I feel very fortunate to have had the best of both worlds by working with franchise and working with corporate. I was able to learn what works and what doesn’t and how to get results.
I have also traveled for corporate assisting with relocating and setting up offices along with hiring the right people to get the job done. One thing I stress to all I mentor is building value and credibility in their community. I have been told that my passion for Liberty is contagious and I take that as quite a compliment. I do hope that each person I have mentored has the passion to become number one by 2020! We are certainly on track to do so and I feel great to be coming on board as a franchisee at such an awesome time!
Liberty has changed my life in many ways and I will forever be grateful. “Give loyalty, get loyalty” has certainly been proven in my history with Liberty Tax Service®. Through hard work, I now have an opportunity to own my own business and finance my future. In addition, I now have the time to spend with my family and the potential to make more money than I ever would in the food service industry.
I have been a Liberty Lady since the day I heard the story of John Hewitt and the birth of Liberty Tax Service®. I never stop talking about our company or what I do. If I am in the line at the grocery store, I am talking taxes. I see every person I encounter as a source of revenue I can easily gain just by assisting them. There is a beauty in that kind of relationship!
I am very thankful my mother chose to stop the car that day. I never knew my life would change at that moment, but she sure did! In closing, I would like to say thank you for reading this and allowing me the opportunity to tell my life changing story with our great company. John Hewitt, I am your next millionaire!