Rebecca Barnett post photo baf92974-4145-4853-aeb6-77a6e96bb066I am the manager at the Mebane, North Carolina office, and I am giving back to my community by volunteering to be a part of the MDA Lock-Up program. This year, a police officer will come to my office and "arrest" me and take me to jail to raise awareness on behalf of MDA.

My office is participating in raising money for my "bail." The goal is $3,500. I will spend an hour in jail with other local business owners. The "bail" that I raise will directly help local children attend summer camp held in King, NC. This camp is a place where children with disabilities get to be kids among friends.

Raising "bail" also helps to support the MDA sponsored, neuromuscular clinic at a local hospital, ongoing research and therapy development, and local services and support groups for all 43 conditions that MDA covers (including Lou Gehrig's Disease).