authorImage-TimCeballos-6c5ebf29-1175-421a-8d48-86abb8ad5acd.jpgIt all started when Joshua Saucedo, Joe's brother, pulled up in front of our store front. As he walked in, I could tell he just got off work. It was late about 8:00 PM. He opened the door and said, "I would like to do my taxes." I looked up at him as I stood up and said, "We love to do your taxes.

What's your name, as I stared into his eyes. "Joshua," he said. "Have a seat, Joshua."

As I was going through the interview process, his story about his life and his brother's life brought tears to the eyes. You see, Joshua's brother (Joe's) life was destroyed in front him, losing his wife and kids in a fatal car accident.

I finished Joshua's taxes and explained to him that it would be better if His brother Joe filed his taxes instead of him claiming him. At the time, I thought it was right thing to do. He agreed, and few days later Joe called and made appointment to come in.

So now, I am interviewing Joe and talking to him and (he) only has pictures to remember them by. He is showing pictures of his wife and tears coming from his eyes, and trying to hold back my tears was the toughest job I had in my life.

He told his story about the accident - how he is following his wife and saw the car accident in front of him that killed his wife and four young daughters in a fiery crash.
Joe was following behind an SUV and saw the accident happen. He watched as his family's car burst into flames after the crash, and frantically ran over to try and help.

He wanted to get his wife and children out of the car. He said someone had to intervene because he was in such shock. At that point, he said, "Someone just had to pull me away."

A woman ran a stop sign and caused the accident. She didn't have license. The mother who was killed was 29-year-old Esmeralda Saucedo. Her two daughters, 11-year-old Breanna Reyes-Saucedo and 6-year-old Jada Saucedo. Her two sons 3-year-old Nikko Saucedo and 1-year-old Isaac Saucedo. The family was on their way to a restaurant in Fresno to celebrate Isaac's second birthday, which would have been Monday.

I wanted tell this story because it touched me and I wanted to share it. This can happen to any of our customers or us. I am working with Joe To finish his 2014 taxes. This tax return is on Liberty Tax Service®.