postImage-TamiSlapnik Lee-90ef32bf-e951-4594-8d64-c37d579d409e.jpgOne of our long term clients daughter passed away near the beginning of tax season. We had heard through other community members that our client did not have enough money to pay for her funeral. We called the client right away to complete her return and offer her an ICA loan, which she was approved for within a few hours. She was so grateful that we called and was able to have her daughter buried with dignity.

When the balance of her refund arrived, she came into the office. She told us that the week following her daughter's funeral, she went to a Bible study class to clear her mind. There she told the group about her daughter and strangely enough--the EMT who rode in the ambulance with her daughter the night she passed away was in the group. She couldn't believe what a tight knit group our community was and small world. Again, she thanked us for listening and supporting her.

authorImage-TamiSlapnik Lee-416f868d-ca07-4dbc-a655-b30e3cb27361.jpgThis is the type of community that makes you love to go to work every day!