dreams_come_trueI worked for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service for 10 years and decided that the company was no longer a fit for me and my personality, so I decided to come to Liberty where I could really show my personality. When I first started with Liberty, I took a Rapid Class to brush up on some new laws that had changed. The owner found out about my experience and asked me if I would manage one of her offices. I was scared but decided to give it a try and ran her office for four years. Then I found out she sold the office that I ran to someone else and came into the office to talk to her and she hired me. 

This woman, Jill Baker is such a blessing to my boyfriend and me. I have helped her with the ins and outs of the office and the Liberty way, and my boyfriend is now her marketing manager. We were in church one day and I was speaking to Jill about not being able to afford a lot for Christmas for my boyfriend’s six children. Jill later texted me and asked for the ages and sex of the kids and went into action. A couple of days later she called and said Santa had dropped by her house with some gifts for the kids. I was speechless; I didn't know what to say. Those few little extra gifts meant the world to me and my boyfriend, and the kids were very excited on Christmas morning.

 I was diagnosed with 6 types of cancer in August. I was told shortly before Christmas that I have 8 weeks to live. When I told Jill, she cried. I then told Jill that my boyfriend and I wanted to get married and, again, she went into action and has made my dreams come true. I am getting married next week in a church to the man I love.

 If it weren’t for her and her husband, Fred, this would have never come together like it has. I hope I am here for another 60 years. I think Jill is awesome and such a blessing to my boyfriend and me.